Be a Fully Funded Missionary - New Edition

Darius Walker
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Here is exactly what you get when you buy the Be a Fully Funded Missionary Course:

1. Be a Fully Funded Missionary guide (New Edition): A 13000+ word pdf that gives you the step-by-step process to raise support from churches so you can become fully funded.

2. Spreadsheet template (Excel and Open Office format): Keeps you organized so you don’t waste time or feel overwhelmed.

3. Automatic Subscription to the Be a Fully Funded Missionary Newsletter that keeps you encouraged and informed on the best strategies and tactics to become fully funded.

4. The Case Studies: Actual records from a fully funded missionary that reveal details and timelines of raising support from six churches. Three churches are now supporting, and three are not supporting. You will see what is possible and what is normal in becoming fully funded. If you ever wonder, “Will I ever get there?” these case studies show you what it was like for a missionary who “got there”. (pdf + audio descriptions.)(Private information is blacked out in these real records of raising support.)

5. The Video Vault with over 90 minutes of short videos that troubleshoot your challenges and address your questions:

  • How to ask for more support.
  • Should I contact the pastor?
  • What if I’m having difficulty following up?
  • “I fear public speaking!”
  • “I hate calling on the phone.”
  • “What if the churches are small?”
  • (mp4 video format plus mp3 audio for those of you who like to listen in the car, at the gym, or on a run.)

Plus, you also receive two free bonuses:

Free Bonus Ebook #1: (pdf): Imagine taking a missionary out for coffee and picking their brain about becoming a career missionary. This is that book.

Free Bonus Ebook #2: (pdf): Explains how to manage your personal finances while living overseas as a missionary.

(This course is completely digital so you can access it anywhere at any time. There are no physical products.)

Get it, and thank you so much. I'm excited about the difference it will make in your support raising and ministry.

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You'll get PDF +MP3 + Video inside ZIP file.


Be a Fully Funded Missionary - New Edition

0 ratings
I want this!